How to Choose Bamboo Fiber Tableware

How to Choose Bamboo Fiber Tableware


Learn about how to choose bamboo fiber tableware from aspects of material, thickness, food safety grade, use occasions, and the advantages of the lekoch bamboo tableware.

How to Choose Bamboo Fiber Tableware
Faced with the increasingly severe climate problem-the "greenhouse effect", the impact of the environment on people is becoming more and more important. The main reason for the greenhouse effect is that people use too much chemical dyes, which leads to too high carbon dioxide content in the air. 

In order to alleviate the pressure brought by the environment, more and more people are beginning to use environmentally friendly and degradable raw materials. Bamboo has become the best material because bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth and does not require fertilization. Bamboo fiber is a new energy-saving raw material that reduces carbon production, lowers greenhouse gas emissions, and takes good care of the human living environment. People press bamboo into powder and mix it with corn starch and melamine to make bamboo fiber tableware of various shapes and styles.

What bamboo fiber tableware made from
Bamboo fiber tableware
What is bamboo fiber tableware?
The bamboo fiber tableware on the market is composed of three main raw materials: bamboo fiber, melamine, cornstarch, and other natural fibers. After being processed by modern special high-tech technology, cellulose is extracted from the bamboo, mixed with plant fiber, corn starch, and food-grade resin. Since bamboo is a natural renewable resource, it is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. The growth environment of bamboo does not require all kinds of chemical fertilizers and does not consume too much water. It can also produce negative ions and has Anti-insect and antibacterial properties, thereby avoiding various types of pollution.
Bamboo fiber plates
Are bamboo fiber tableware good?

Antibacterial: The bamboo fiber tableware has natural antibacterial properties, which can resist the absorption of odors and limit the growth of bacteria. Can be used to make exquisite salad bowl sets because they will not retain the taste of oily salad dressing.

Reusable, with better durability: Compared with disposable paper tableware, palm leaf tableware, etc., bamboo fiber plates, as a biodegradable and environmentally friendly tableware, can be reused.

Environmentally friendly tableware: Bamboo fiber dinner set mainly uses natural raw materials, which greatly reduces the use of plastic. Compared with pure melamine tableware, it uses less melamine materials. Compared with disposable plastic and paper tableware, it can be reused, so it has stronger environmental protection performance.

Light weight and very practical: Compared with ceramic and glass tableware, bamboo fiber plate is very portable due to its light raw material

Good for different occasions: Bamboo fiber tableware Set is suitable for parties, outdoor and indoor activities, barbecue time, RV, camping,Picnic etc.

Highest food grade: A5 food grade melamine bamboo fiber tableware can be stored in acidic and neutral solutions for 2 hours at 70 degrees Celsius, and will not release harmful substances.
Bamboo fiber tableware VS traditional tableware
Compare to traditional tableware

In terms of use and function, bamboo fiber tableware can completely replace traditional stainless steel, ceramic, glass and other tableware. It can be reused, is not fragile, and is easy to clean. It only needs to be wiped clean with a napkin. The color and style are also Much.
 In the production process, traditional tableware is mostly non-renewable resources, and the production process of bamboo fiber tableware is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly than traditional tableware. Its biggest advantage is that the tableware can be partially degraded.
In terms of usage scenarios, in addition to the use of bamboo fiber plates at home, because it is light, not fragile, suitable for children and adults, it is the best choice for more RV trips, camping, barbecues, and parties.
In the packaging, tableware will be designed with exquisite gift boxes, but when giving gifts, bamboo fiber dinnerware does not have to worry about whether the products inside will be broken, and the gift box packaging will be lighter and easier to carry.

Bamboo fiber tableware VS Melamine tableware
Compare to Melamine tableware 

Melamine tableware is formed by heating and pressing melamine resin powder. It is used in the catering industry and children's catering industry for its light weight, beautiful appearance, low temperature resistance, and non-breakability. Due to the special molecular structure of melamine plastic, melamine tableware is not suitable for use in microwave ovens, and cracking will occur if used.
Melamine tableware can not be washed with steel wire balls, it will wash away the gloss of the tableware surface and leave many scratches. If the melamine tableware is used for a long time, stubborn stains such as melamine bowls and dishes adsorbing pigments, oil stains, coffee stains, etc. will make the melamine tableware yellow and black. It is molded by heating and pressurizing melamine resin powder. The properties of qualified products are relatively stable, but the melamine and formaldehyde resins in inferior products are very unstable. Especially at high temperatures, it is likely to release melamine molecules. If you often put inferior melamine plastic tableware containing food into a microwave oven to heat it, the danger is very high. Can not be used for baking in the oven and microwave.

Bamboo fiber composition
How to choose bamboo fiber dinnerware

Now there are more and more suppliers making bamboo fiber dishes on the market, and the quality of bamboo fiber tableware is also uneven. Many unscrupulous merchants may sell inferior bamboo fiber tableware for profit, such as some bamboo fiber dinner set mixed with non-food grade melamine resin, or use non-food grade pigments, or even cut corners, make bamboo fiber plate very Thin, very easy to break or crack. How to choose bamboo fiber tableware with quality assurance should arouse attention.
1.  When choosing bamboo fiber tableware, pay attention to choosing branded products, and at the same time have the relevant international testing agencies' inspection certificates, such as FDA, LFGB, FSC, and REACH. 
2. Pay attention to the material of the product and the composition ratio of the material. At the same time, when using bamboo fiber tableware, we must strictly refer to the use methods and use precautions of such products. 
3. Choose the bamboo fiber dinnerware made from A5 grade material, the highest grade food material. A5 food grade melamine bamboo fiber tableware can be stored in acidic and neutral solutions for 2 hours at 70 degrees Celsius, and will not release harmful substances. At the same time, under acidic conditions, the product will not produce formaldehyde. 
4. Choose some thicker bamboo fiber dinner plates, because they will be more durable and resistant to breakage.

How do the bamboo fiber tableware produced?

Preheating procedure: Weigh the raw material cassette according to the gram weight of the bamboo fiber tableware to be produced, weigh it and put it into a high-modulation wave uniformly preheat, so that the powdered raw material is heated into a lump (condensed but not scattered).
Plain surface program: Pour the preheated raw materials into the mold, start the mechanical plain surface program, after high temperature and pressure, solidification and molding (commonly used compression molding machine).The process will be cured by high temperature and high pressure (commonly used compression molding machine). 

Applique procedure: Cut the paper according to the shape of the flower and paste it on the bamboo fiber plates according to the requirements, the paper has to be put on the right side and the applique orientation is moderate to make people look beautiful.
Polishing procedure: After the product is produced, it needs be polished, because the bamboo fiber dinner set has hairy edge, not conducive to the use of life, easy to cause harm to people's hands and mouth; so polishing is essential, through polishing can remove the hairy edge of the product, so that the bamboo fiber plate set looks more beautiful, the edge of the mouth more smooth.
Inspection, packaging procedures: polishing operations, entered the inspection process, strict quality control, should be equipped with primary and secondary inspection, pick out unqualified products, and then into the warehouse packaging.

How Bamboo fiber tableware produced
Bamboo fiber tableware
LEKOCH Bamboo Fiber Tableware Products 

Lekoch, a top bamboo fiber tableware supplier, whose  designers have used these advantages to design bamboo fiber dinnerware in various shapes and styles, including the "breath" series, "harmony" series, and "wave" series. These tableware use different production techniques. The "breath" series of tableware uses the most primitive color of bamboo, and sticks stickers similar to bamboo texture on the tableware. It is a classic in the bamboo fiber dinner set series. Although the color is monotonous, it can reflect the most primitive bamboo status. "Breath" series of tableware includes bamboo fiber salad bowl set, bamboo fiber plate set, kettle set, salad fork and spoon set, etc. The "Harmony" series of bamboo fiber dinnerware adopts the "dual mold" technology. The two colors are poured into the mold to form a natural pattern. This series of meals has three styles: white and green, which look like a white cloud and a green grassland. Collision; white and gray, a classic match; white and blue, a collision between bright and dark colors. The "Wave" series of bamboo fiber tableware has uneven surfaces, like waves on the sea, one after another. The tableware in this series also comes in three colors: off-white, navy and light green.

Our team prides itself on the quality of our products. The goal is to meet the taste of Global Customer, Art Connoisseurs, Home Decor Enthusiasts, and Green Consumers by promoting high quality " Green " products with great designs. 
LEKOCH is committed to the research and development of environmentally friendly products and to the needs of the times. We are committed to building a brand that combines environmental protection, design and lifestyle.

breath series bamboo fiber dinnerware
Harmony series bamboo fiber dinnerware
Wave series bamboo fiber tableware
The advantages of Lekoch Bamboo fiber tableware
- Percent Distribution Ratio 
Bamboo fiber 40%, a small amount of corn starch 25%, and other grains 5%, 30% melamine.
- Material Selection 
1. Bamboo fiber: selected high-quality adult bamboo fiber composition
2. Melamine: A5 grade 100% edible raw materials, non-toxic and tasteless, temperature resistance -30 degrees Celsius to 120 degrees Celsius, corrosion resistance, not only beautiful appearance, light insulation, safe to use. (In the market due to the melamine grade cost differences, so it will lead to uneven levels of quality and safety of bamboo fiber tableware)
3. Mineral toner: edible grade mineral toner.
- Food Safety 
1. Tested by German LFGB certificate. 
2. High quality workmanship is guaranteed. The bamboo fiber tableware factory is located in China, which is brand new and ultra-modern and offers very good working conditions. It is certified according to DIN ISO 9001.
To know more about Lekoch bamboo fiber tableware, please click here  to know.